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Here is some Poetry


to the center, the bindu...

radiating to fill the field

of my vision and my self

filling the nooks and cranies...

where light and shadow play,

creating my lifes momentum

knees and focus slightly bent...

leaving this space,

for another nearby

an opening path way...

morphing of form,

movement of intent

columnar palisades...

leading the way,

to knowing by being

energy wheels open...

receptive and giving,

vortices of reciprocity

inscripting and weaving...

energy yarn and stone pictures

changing my story

changes to be held and nourished...

not a memory,

but firm ground to lie on,

and inform the walk through woods...

like gentle moonlight

whispering in my ear

     Aumdoc 1998


the river

the current is swift and dark

grasp and swirls

frantically pulling

the losing struggle is firm

caught everywhere with nothing

down under, no breath

belaying the fight, surrender

brings order to the flow

and cherished movement

while still swept away

empowerment begins

floating toward the shore

     Aumdoc 1998



bathing in several spaces,

blending and mingling,

to cleanse old and new

fragranced and balanced,

primal tub of salted fluid,

mingles with my cells essence

a font in the night,

baptism of fluid moonlight,

and shadow

the fluid conforms to my body,

the moonlight envelopes my soul,

the shadow is my true self

old, old eyes.... yet a knew vision,

soaking and opening,

tales told and told.... the story unfolds


       Aumdoc  1998




Om Lotus



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