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Holistic Medicine Introduction: Healing Tools & Healing Partnerships

by Aumdoc (Richard J. Clofine, DO, FACOOG, ABHM)

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String of Pearls

Collected over years of practice, understanding these basic concepts brings self empowerment to healing work.

  • Honoring YOUR Wisdom: Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reconnecting to the Healing Power of Nature
  • Garden (vs. military) Metaphors and Weaving Metaphors
  • The Healing Continuum and Savvy Use of Healing Tools
  • Positive approaches to healing through resonance and empowerment
  • Consistency always precedes intensity
  • Change occurs by doing something different (you’ve gotta change to change!)
  • Persistent attention and application
  • Trusting Your Intuition


    • No Magic Bullets


    • Broaden your database


    • Naming and Owning YOUR issues: taking personal responsibility


    • Appropriate monitoring allows for frank evaluation of progress over time


    • Creating Health via Lifestyle


    • The Power of Words and Thoughts


    • Practical support programs that fit your resources


    • Horizontal relationships


    • Care revolves around YOUR story


  • Importance of Lifestyle in Creating Health
  • Practitioner is listening
  • Proper expectations
  • Service, not product, oriented
  • Ayni (Sacred Reciprocity)
  • Explains options and avoids dogma
  • Encourages the development of other healing partnerships
    • Shifting life patterns: time of life


  • Healing state immersion (daily practice)





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American Holistic Medical Association:

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