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Giving & Receiving - The Art of Sacred Touch


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Holistic Medicine Series Handout          March 19, 2009


*** Session #3 ***

Giving & Receiving: The Art of Sacred Touch

          Aumdoc (Richard J. Clofine, D.O.)   770-633-4257




The Healing Power of Touch:   You are already an expert!

The Skin - Anatomy and Physiology of Touch

Largest and heaviest organ:   1.8 square meters     4 kg (8.8 pounds)

3 layers:       epidermis      0.15-1.5mm   protective, pigment, keratin

                dermis         0.3-3mm      receptors, hair follicles, glands

                subcutaneous                  fat, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels

In 1 square inch of skin:     650 sweat glands, 60,000 melanocytes, 20 blood vessels, >1000 nerve endings


Types of skin receptors:      Thermoreceptors (temperature)

                                Mechanoreceptors (touch & pressure)

                                Nociceptors (pain): cutaneous vs. somatic vs. viseral


Many functions:       protective, sensation, heat regulation, evaporation control, aesthetics, communication, storage and synthesis (vitamin D),

                        excretion, absorption, water resistance, HAPTIC TOUCH

Haptic Touch is seeking out and acquiring information:  Vibration, surface texture, wet/dry, temperature, shape, slope,curved, hard/soft, weight, elasticity, pliability, 2 point discrim

(Exercise 1)

Permission Requires Respectful Communication

        Trust & Surrender       

        Common Sense

        Remaining empowered by honoring intuition

Touch is ALWAYS both Giving & Receiving

        The Giver:     Permission and Always listening for Feedback

        The Receiver: Trust and Empowered Surrender

Where do we put our attention and when?

        Active & Passive       Interactive & Non-interactive

Intention: Defining what is being given

Communication to set appropriate expectations

Receptive Palpation: completing the circuit of giving

Practice makes one better at whatever we do

Touching from the Head and touching from the Heart

Left side receiving            Right side giving

(Exercise 2)

Aspects of Touch Given

        Appropriate setting & expectation    Calming or Energizing         Brief or extended contact   

        Broad or focal application            Soft or firm                   stroking and rubbing

        Pushing and pulling                    Sexual, erotic, sensual

Becoming a Hollow Tube


The Giver                 Always receiving/listening for feedback

The Receiver           Always giving trust and empowered surrender

Practical Aspects of doing it!

        Grounding      Centering      Clearing        Holding safe space   

        Develop a routine              Pay attention to hand sensations

Shielding and Energetic Protection means Daily grounding, clearing, centering & connecting!!

          Intention              Hollow Tube           Aura (expansive but not open)

Energetic cords        Protective grid        Light Armour

                Cleansing               Violet Flame           Golden Orb

                Flower Essence        Rose                   Incense

                Water                 Disposal vessel

(Exercise 3)  

(Closing Intention)













Om Lotus



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