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Here I will write about my parents Herbert & Jolyn Clofine.

Herbert is a merchant and great family provider.

Jolyn was a self taught social worker and community healer.


Evan, Jessica, Matthew, Rick

Here I will write about my family.

I have three children with my dear former wife, Linda Clofine.

Matthew in the red shirt is my oldest, now 23.

Jessica is 19.

Evan, my youngest and tallest is 16.

(picture from thanksgiving 2005)

Brothers out to Dinner

I am so very fortunate for my close relationship with my brothers.

Chip (Joseph Eric) is the youngest (11 years younger than I am).

He was way too young to live at Divine Light Farms!

Steven Morton (a.k.a. "Mr N") is my lifelong Divine Light Farms compandre.


Below you see my dearheart Sara and I visiting Philadelphia.

Sara deserves her own page and will get it soon.

Sara and I


Below is a picture of my 'puddle room' in action.

Aumdoc Puddle Room

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